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Ken Francis Butchers isn't just about selling meat - we get roped into doing all sorts. Ken and Tony both sang with local choirs for many years, and as The Singing Butchers of Wellington can occasionally be seen with friends reeling off folk songs at local events. For several years, Tony's show-stopping 'Bigger Barbecue' event saw the shop staff mobilised into burger-flipping, gazebo-erecting and all manner of other jobs in the name of charity. And in the last decade, we've put our collective efforts into supporting community events like the Wellington Midsummer Fayre, the Wrockwardine Ceilidh Supper and Charter Day. So, depending on the time of year, you might spot us doing everything from hanging bunting in the street to striding about in period costumes and carol-singing at the pub.  

9 Market Street, Wellington,
Shropshire TF1 2DT


Ken Francis Butchers, 9 Market St, Wellington, Shropshire


01952 249966

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